I’m This Kind of Cyclist

I’m this kind of cyclist who just picks up a bicycle and rides. I don’t care what brand it may be; made of carbon, aluminium or plastic…as long as it’s a bicycle, I’m game. As long as it has two well tuned wheels that can move symmetrically and truly (because I do not like the wobbliness of lose or bent wheels either), I will jump on it and go.

I’m this kind of cyclist who does not judge a ride by the distance covered but by the places visited. One hundred kilometers means nothing if there was no scenery worth speaking of, or no interesting climbs, downhills or people along the way. But a 5km ride deep in a forest trail or by the shores of a beach…or maybe just around the neighborhood hitting on a few lasses ;), would inspire a book-worthy story.

I’m this kind of cyclist to whom everyday is a good day to cycle. You say it’s too hot outside? The wind will cool my face as I spin through the heat. Oh, it’s rainy and muddy! That’s when the kid in me comes to life…the one who loved playing in the mud, remember him? It’s never really a bad weather anyway, maybe you just have the wrong gear.

I’m this kind of cyclist who’s powered by will and curiosity, not just carbs and energy boosts. As long as I put my mind into a ride, my legs will  follow suit and spin and spin non-stop till I reach my destination. And mine are the paths less pedaled, the ones few dare to explore or simply do not even know about. I like knowing that I don’t know, so I go out to know.

I’m this kind of cyclist who sees a bicycle as the vehicle that will take me around the world. I’m a traveler, a nature lover, a poet, an adventurer, a historian (or so I think) and a photographer. When I’m on the saddle, I see the world in all the colors I can think of; in all it’s purity; it’s curves, shapelessness and chaotic charm. On my bike I see beauty untold, I appreciate every sunset as it means my time is up and I have to pedal faster. I appreciate the moon, torching my paths when snailing to my destination (in the middle of unknown territories) way past my cycling hours.

I guess what I’m saying is that I’m this kind of cyclist who cycles because he can, and because he wants to explore…oh and because I just can’t not cycle! Cycling to me is like living.


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