A Dog Taught Me To Love Again!

Cheesy right? The dog’s name is Skipper. He belongs to the owner of Oasis Eco Camp where I stayed for two nights last month. I was on another one of those Baiskeli Adventures errands scouting the route for The Great Rift Valley Tour. I didn’t exactly notice him on the day I checked in but I guess he noticed me.

When I went to bed, he slept outside my door throughout the night. In the morning when I stepped out to have breakfast, he was by my side.

Now I like dogs but I can’t say I love them. Only a few days prior I had accidentally hit my host’s dog at Mt Suswa when it kept nagging me. Emphasis on ACCIDENTALLY.

But I took a liking to skipper. I can’t explain why, there was just some bond there. I patted him, held him close, looked into his eyes and it was like our souls found each other. Like I knew him from another life. I got fond of him and he of me in the two days I stayed there.

We went for walks by the lake and sat on the grass and he responded to my call always. Like I owned him or something. I think I was smitten. He’d chase after birds but never too far from me.

Then came the time to leave. I was cycling towards Lake Nakuru. I sincerely didn’t want to leave the serenity of Oasis Eco Camp, visit it you’ll understand what I’m talking. The sunset views over Lake Elementaita from my balcony was ever breathtaking. And the silence all around, occasionally interrupted by the chirping birds high up in the unperturbed tree canopies was ever refreshing. I also didn’t realize how big a deal our bond with Skipper was.

As I was checking out, Skipper was nowhere to be seen. But while the owner of the camp was walking me out, Skipper came out of the blues.

Then I started cycling and he started running after me. I told the owner a bit about our bonding and how he should probably call him back because he would follow me. But however much he tried calling him back, Skipper didn’t listen. He kept following my rear wheel.

My heart grew heavier by the minute. I can’t tell whether it was due to the fear that I may end up in the middle of nowhere with someone’s dog or because I felt a love so great I couldn’t explain it.

1km away from the camp, Skipper kept coming. So I stopped under a tree and waited for him. I held his head in my hands, hugged him, looked into his eyes, cried (never done that for a dog), whispered to him hoping he would hear that I’ld miss him but I’ll definitely be back. That I love him, however inexplicable that may be. I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe it was me going through this, for a dog.

Now I’ve always believed myself to be broken and incapable of love, in whatever form. I even felt I probably don’t deserve it from anyone or anything, despite the many people who have been nice and caring to me. But in that moment I knew that my rugged heart can love and has lots of love to give.;


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  1. Wow, good stuff!,


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