Dear Reader,

I like writing…sorry, I like adventures…no, I mean, I love going for cycling adventures and writing a bit about them. So this is all about my experiences on the bike, gliding up or down slopes on tarmacked or off the beaten tracks looking for some place scenic or maybe just having fun. But how does this concern you dear reader? Here is how…

Cycling is a sweaty and sweet affair. Cycling is a lesson-teaching experience, an adventure through one’s inner being and outer surrounding. Cycling is freedom served on a saddle above two sturdy wheels and a handlebar to support yourself on. Cycling is a life experience away from normal life but with every element that our daily lives exhibit.

You ever found yourself faced with an “uphill” task that seems almost impossible till you change tactic (I mean gear) and then everything seems to fall in place? Or have you had it going so well for you, a free fall in a carefree mode till you actually take a tumble and “land” head first? Well, as a cyclist I’m quite acquainted with both scenarios and out of each I draw my own conclusions.

Whether or not I would make it up a steep climb, or get to the next destination (100 km away) in one piece is all based on what I tell my mind. The body can take unimaginable amounts of pain and still survive to tell the tales, albeit through scars. And as long as you do not let the pain sip into your mind, as long as your thought line remains on the positive side, hopeful…there is no challenge or barrier you wouldn’t attempt and overcome.

Such experiences and lessons are not completely locked to cycling though. So dear reader, this is me putting in the simplest words my Baiskeli Adventures which otherwise elicit complex feelings. An experience shared could be a reason for someone else to take up the same activity or a different one with the same expected results.

Think of this as a well to draw some inspiration from. An inspiration to look at the world differently; to go out and learn first hand by actually doing something not just reading (or Googling) about it; or maybe to take up an activity. Hiking, trekking, bungee jumping, writing, cycling etc…are all adventures in their different capacities. Whichever path one chooses, lessons are learnt and the experiences are worth every ounce of energy spent.

My Road, My Ride, My Adventure is just about experiences written, not experienced writing. I’m no wordsmith, but my experiences give me the words. I do not speak the Queen’s English, mine is the language of the United Kingdom of Adventurers. Hopefully a part of this resonates with you dear reader.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Chinkufake says:

    ilianza na kusoma but ended as an experience and as a paricipant, Keep it up bro Asante


    1. rakeshcycles says:

      Yes I do! Or I’m learning to.


      1. makagutu says:

        I blog more than I cycle, I think


      2. rakeshcycles says:

        Nice! In my case, I want to match them up.


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